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Community Service

Arundel Legislative Symposium

William T. Wallace participated in the first-ever Arundel Legislative Symposium. There were over 100 inquiries about the symposium. Here's what we actually accomplished: 

  • We committed to a day of action at the Anne Arundel County Board of Education on January 7, 2020 to ask for more budget resources for our schools - particularly Meade High School.

  • As a primary goal and outcome, we agreed that all retention bonuses for teachers must be restored for all impacted schools but especially for Meade High School. We intend to formally ask that these bonuses be restored at the January 7, 2020 meeting. Retention bonuses are important to help make sure that schools like Meade are fully staffed with highly qualified teachers. Our goal is to make sure that Meade is fully staff and to reduce turnover.

  • We agreed that the school board has to prioritize capital and physical plant improvements for Meade High School and North County High School. Meade High School for example only has two restrooms serving well over 2,000 students. North County was originally built as a middle school but it now has the largest high school population in the County.

  • We made a commitment to advance more community involvement in terms of mentoring and tutoring in the Meade feeder.

  • We identified the first class of youth fellows who will lead our planned action day on January 7, 2020.









NAACP Voter Registration Drive

September 20, 2019 the Brothers of William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134 supported and participated with the NAACP of Anne Arundel County with their Voter Registration Drive at the Freetown Community Day located at 7769 Freetown Road, Glen Burnie, MD. During Voter
Registration Drive, the Brothers were extremely active in spreading the importance of registering to vote and being able to exercise the right to vote.
While the Brothers were there assisting with the Voter Registration, it afforded them the opportunity to interact with an entire community; mentor young
men and spread Brotherly Love.

Thanks to the Junior Steward Eric Chism and Brother Darryl Colbert for working diligently to promote and continue the valuable relationship between NAACP and William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134.








Van Bokkelen Elementary School Uniform Donations & Backpack giveaway

In recent years William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134 has developed a partnership with Van Bokkelen Elementary School located at 1140 Reece Rd, Severn, MD 21144. On Friday, August 17, 2019, Brothers of William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134 assisted the United Way in passing out book bags filled with the essential schools for students at Van Bokkelen Elementary School to begin the school year successfully. The book bags were separated to be distributed for the different grade levels. The Brothers and the staff of the United Way had an opportunity to write encouraging messages on cards and inserted them into book bags that were handed out to students to have a positive school year.

With the partnership and bond that William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134 and Van Bokkelen Elementary School has, the Brothers of the Lodge purchased and donated over 20 uniforms two families ranging in ages from 6-9 on September 3, 2019. Principal Stacy Gray reached out to the Lodge requesting
assistance in contributing to the relief of families at the school. Of course in William T. Wallace fashion, the Brothers sprang into action to assist families of the community. William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134 will continue to work with Van Bokkelen Elementary School & Principal Stacy Gray to identify areas of opportunity to support the students and families of the school. The Brothers have some upcoming initiatives which include area beautification and lodge representation at PTA meetings.

Thanks goes out to Treasurer Bobby Glenn for spear heading this effort and working diligently to foster the relationship Van Bokkelen and William T. Wallace Lodge No. 134..

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