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Knights of Pythagoras

About the Knights of Pythagoras

The Knights of Pythagoras (KOP) is a youth organization sponsored by Prince Hall Masons. The KOP's goal is to motivate young males between the ages of eight (8) and eighteen (18) to make beneficial use of their time, meet worthwhile companions, and to engage in wholesome educational activities designed to aid and enrich them in their development into young men. 

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland & Jurisdictions, Inc. mandates that each lodge in the jurisdiction have a KOP program and each Masonic District in the jurisdiction has a KOP Council. William T. Wallace Lodge No.134's KOP council's are under the 10th Masonic District and our KOP group meets once a month on the 4th Saturday of each month. The meeting is formal and is amongst the Lodges within the 10th Masonic District. All Brothers participating as mentors in the KOP are referred to as Sir Knights, and a background check is required for all Brothers wishing to participate in the KOP program.

Knights of Pythagoras Chairman


  • PM. CJ Barnett Jr. 10th Masonic District

Knights of Pythagoras Information Pamphlet

Knights of Pythagoras Documents and Forms

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